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Conditional, Contrapositive, Inverse, Converse, And

Conditional, Converse, Inverse, and Contrapositive Statements

The converse is therefore a very helpful tool in determining the validity of a definition.

The three most common ways to change a conditional statement are by taking its help inverse, its converse, or it contrapositive. In each case, either the hypothesis and the conclusion switch places, or a statement is replaced by its negation. The Inverse, the inverse of a conditional statement is arrived at by replacing the hypothesis and.

For example, the converse of "All tigers are mammals" is "All mammals are tigers." This is certainly not true. The converse of a definition, however, must always be true. If this is not the case, then the definition is not valid. For example, we know the definition of an equilateral triangle well: "if all three.

Conditional, Converse, Inverse, and Contrapositive Statements
Conditional, Contrapositive, Inverse, Converse, and

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